Pines Federal-nationwide federal employment law firm

Pines Federal law firm for more than two decades continues to provide exceptional service in the area of Federal Employment law. It offers legal representation to federal agencies, federal employees and federal labor unions. With its professional and skilled lawyers, Pines Federal understands your needs and works with you tirelessly to achieve the best results.

The main law office of Eric L Pines PLLC is in Houston, Texas and serves its clients across the United States. As such, Pines Federal has a specialty in disability cases for federal employees. They also engage in complex matters of Title 38 VA Doctors and Nurses, which sets their bar high.

Enjoy a phenomenal experience with a skilled legal team that prioritize your needs. Pines federal will find all the supporting proof on your case and work with it until they exhaust all their options (when they win of course). They let you concentrate on your day to day normal duties as they work seamlessly and thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction.

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