New York State Department of Labor

The laws of employment keep changing, bringing about new ways in which organizations are operating. Staying abreast with the changing laws is one way of keeping the New York State Department of Labor away from your organization. If you are overwhelmed and distracted by the many organizational duties, seeking a legal representative’s services will suit your interest.

New York State Department of Labor came into existence in 1911 after a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, killing more than 140 workers. Since then, strict rules have been put in place protecting workers from the hazardous environment. The department continues to strengthen the state’s economy by connecting workers to employers and supporting businesses. It also ensures that employers provide fair wages and salaries while protecting the health and safety of workers and the community at large.

Job seekers get training and referrals from the department, making it easy for them to find work. New York State Department of Labor condemns job discrimination, have wage protection rules, and offer apprenticeship programs for beginners who are yet to land a first job.

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