Jackson Lewis P.C. is an excellent law firm that offers legal services within labor and employment law. It was established in 1958, and since then, has grown to include a team of more than 950 attorneys. Jackson Lewis has offices in all the major cities within the United States, as well as offices in Puerto Rico. Over the years, the firm has developed an extensive pool of resources that can assist relationships between employers and employees.

Some key service offerings from Jackson Lewis include the ability to identify and respond to any changes in workplace law that may affect a business. Also, businesses can engage with Jackson Lewis to come up with the following: –

  • Proactive Strategies
  • Business Oriented Solutions
  • Strong policies

The result of interactions with Jackson Lewis includes high-functioning workforces that can meet company goals. This is because the workforces are highly engaged and diverse, with each employee being valued for what they bring to the table. The approach taken from Jackson Lewis focuses on the prevention of legal disputes in the workplace with a focus on flexible client service. All solutions also make business sense, meeting business objectives, and being strategic with delivering results.

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