Policies guide the actions of staff working in phenomenally successful business environments.  Established in 2016, ComplyALIGN is a system that helps businesses with the alignment of their workforce’s policy management. It allows for the access, publication and management of procedures, policies, and a range of internal documents. This is to ensure that all polices are also in line with the compliance requirements for the company, as well as any regulations both internal and external. For ease of access, the entire system is paperless which means faster searches and information available as and when it is needed.

Managers use ComplyALIGN to automate the workflow for a seamless experience with the following processes: –

  • Staff notification
  • Distribution of documents
  • Tracking readership of key documents
  • Gather approvals

All documents within the system can be customized with ease to meet the objectives of the organisation. There are additional valuable services that can be accessed in this system. They include online training programs, in-house support, excellent maintenance and back-up and scalable packages.

Using ComplyALIGN requires a monthly subscription that can be cancelled when necessary. It can be tested out with a free demo and can meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

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