Internships Guide

An internship is a short-term job position that is usually reserved for recent college graduates. Whereas most employers will offer base salaries for the interns, internships are primarily meant to be paid in terms of school credit. This also applies to online internships. In this guide, we focus on internship meaning, recruiting the best interns, and the benefits of recruiting interns. So, without further ado, let’s take the plunge.

A Complete Guide to Internships

Internships are a significant milestone for individuals entering the job market or ones looking for a career change. Many employers are recruiting interns not only because they want to support them in starting their career journey but because hiring interns comes with a lot of benefits, which we will get into later in this internship guide. Like employees, interns also look for a reputable organization. Employers, on the other hand, are on the lookout for brilliant talent and recruits as well. This means that you need the best internship recruitment strategy to find the best of the best.  Sometimes, these individuals are recruits from other organisations. The general public also allow for a pool of potential recruits. Alternatively, the organisation can choose to nurture talent through an internship program. Internships typically target students from colleges and universities. Recruiting interns requires a well thought out process, so as to get the right individuals who can help to build the organisation. Interns have the ability to brighten up the work culture, as well as save the organisation money. These savings come from the recruitment spending which is reduced as interns get promotions instead.

How to Recruit Interns?

Here are a few steps that reveal how to recruit interns the best way: -
  1. Create a clear internship process

    To attract the best candidates, there should be a clear internship process for recruitment, the criteria to become an intern and the duration of the internship program. Within this process should be milestones and key performance indicators. This ensures that interns know what they need to achieve in order to transition and possibly become a part of the organisation.
  1. Know who would be the best fit

    Seeking an intern should not be a trial and error experience. There should be indicators of qualities that the intern should have, including their soft skills and hard skills. Where an intern does not have the necessary skills, a monitoring system should be put into place.
  1. Go to the source

    If the internship recruits are meant to be graduates, then recruitment should be done on campuses. This can be done through recruiting events or in collaboration with an institution.
  1. Real work should be assigned

    Often times, interns are given menial tasks that do not stretch their capabilities. During recruitment, complex tasks and real work should be part of their package. This communication can happen from the get-go so that the interns understand the impact they will have from their roles.
No matter what size a company is, it can always benefit by choosing to recruit interns.  The majority of internship opportunities are unpaid, though some companies do offer an allowance. This means that internship programs need to have elements that serve as motivation for participation. The essential parts of an internship include the following: -
  1. An internship program coordinator who can manage and monitor all the interns.
  2. Each intern should be assigned to a mentor who can help them learn their roles.
  3. Ensure that all interns are aware of their workloads and know the output to give from the moment they start.
  4. Have a system where interns are able to report on progress daily.
  5. At the end of the internship program, retain the contact information of the interns. Should positions open up in the organisation, they would be the best fit to incorporate due to their work experience.
Internships should be utilised as a methodology to elevate business process and productivity. With the right recruitment process and internship programs in place, this can be achieved flawlessly.