Companies need to ensure that their facilities are fully compliant with the American Disabilities Act, Accessibility laws and regulations and Disabled Access. Lack of compliance breaks the law and could result in spiralling costs for any business. ADA Consultant Services offers companies aid through various ADA compliance assessments, property evaluations and CASp ADA inspections. The consultant services offered feature Certified Access Specialists who are fully versed with all laws and regulations for compliance. Here are the steps following in the compliance process: –

  • Detailed evaluation of the premises
  • Creation of an ADA plan for the client
  • Recommendations for plan execution
  • Evaluation after the process
  • Clear documentation of all compliance efforts

Making use of consultant services is the best way to avoid compliance violations that could result in costly lawsuits or penalties. A company that attempts to meet all the requirements on their own will likely misinterpret some of the ambiguous and complex requirements within the American Disabilities Act. It is important to note that facilities cannot claim ignorance and need to take full control of the compliance process.

ADA Consultant Services caters to the needs of property and business owners within the entire state of California.

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