Accessible Design Consulting LLC

Founded in 2015, Accessible Design Consulting LLC (ADC) is a consulting firm that focuses on the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). The core mandate of this firm is to ensure that companies of all sizes can fully enforce Title II and Title III of the act. This company is unique as its consulting services expand beyond companies in the private sector. Consultation services are also available to local governments, as well as non-profit organisations.

To meet client needs, ADC works with a five-step methodology which focuses on communication, expertise and ensuring that every interaction is customizable. To analyse the requirements of a client, ADC carries out a professional audit to assess the accessibility of the premises. This includes a comprehensive review of the interior and exterior of the premises to cater to the needs of employees and the public.

The ultimate goal of Accessible Design Consulting LLC is to ensure all accessibility goals for disabled individuals are achievable by organisations. As the ADA act is a requirement by law, the services that are available from ADC are crucial in all industries. Compliant businesses have the benefit of avoiding lawsuits and being viewed positively amongst the disabled workforce.

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