Zoho CRM Applicant Tracking System

Zoho CRM Overview

Zoho CRM is a business management platform that is cloud-based offering CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes. Zoho CRM now includes Zoho Recruit, a cloud-based applicant tracking system. This system allows for end to end hiring solutions to meet the diverse needs of staffing agencies and corporate HRs. It offers brilliant solutions to companies that are seeking to hire a temporary workforce. This is because it saves time by utilizing intuitive recruiting software

Zoho takes recruitment to the next level by combining the capabilities of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with Applicant Tracking functions. This allows clients to easily import their clients and their contacts when seeking to acquire, screen, assess and position candidates. 

There are various payment plans available to cater to the needs of any organization. Before taking any of them on, it is possible to test out the system with a free trial. The best thing about the trial is there is no credit card or commitment required, which means there is no risk.

Zoho Recruit Features

Effortless hiring begins with Zoho Recruit software. It is an advanced cloud-based tool with an intuitive design platform that will make every user enjoy their experiences. The features of this software are impeccable in that the tool helps HR managers source suitable candidates and place them successfully. 

Zoho Recruit works seamlessly for employers looking to hire both long-term and short-term candidates. The best thing about this applicant tracking software is that you can also use it on mobile devices. That being said, the following are additional features of Zoho Recruit that make it worth considering. 

  • Running background checks
  • Applications through LinkedIn
  • Tailor making resume templates
  • Candidate hiring pipeline
  • Automation of the recruitment process
  • Applicant tracking progress tools
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Interview scheduling and management
Quick Facts
  • Human Resources
  • Contact Zoho Recruit for current pricing
  • 1001-5000 employees
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