Xenqu is a cloud-based Essium’s software that makes all HR tasks more efficient and accurate. The process of onboarding, automation, and record-keeping becomes simple with Xenqu. It is easier for HR professionals to communicate with job applicants during the recruitment process. That is from interview scheduling to offboarding documentation.

Xenqu has unique features, including FMLA tracking, training reminders, compliance management, to name a few. You can tell that with Xenqu, all your HR functions are simplified under one platform. Xenqu also allows you to collect and organize local and federal forms in a centralized database.

Xenqu has been in existence since 2014. Not enough duration for the success it has earned. Its headquarters office is in Shelby Township, Michigan, with its primary clientele market in the United States and Canada. Xenqu continues to gain recognition through referrals proving that clients are getting the service they need. Its team of professionals understands HR challenges and are dedicated to providing solutions in all HR management matters. With Xenqu’s team, you also learn how to build your organization in an accurate and useful manner.

Quick Facts
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