Workday is an online cloud-based H.R. and financial planning software. The company prides itself on its ability to adapt to any industry from technology to education, and large corporations to burgeoning firms. Workday’s system grows and changes with a company, and its flexible platform customizes the experience by integrating countless extension applications onto its dashboard.

Using their interactive and intuitive dashboard, employees with little I.T. experience can manage different aspects of their business. Using the Finance cloud system, companies can easily manage the financial aspects of the business. The system automates alerts about upcoming transactions, transactions that require approval and embed actionable analytics within the system. At a glance, business owners can use their Financial Scorecard on the dashboard to take action on items such as supplier invoices and receive a contextualized review of their spending and finances. To ensure they remain compliant with relevant policies, the Auditor Dashboard keeps track of employee benefits, keeps track of employee expense history and suspicious transactions.

To manage employees and their positions in the company, Workday provides the Cost Center Hierarchy system. Use the intuitive drag and drop tools to move an employee from one team to another without needing to update their information. The flexible reporting settings let employers make as many changes as they need, large and small. They can even use hashtag functions to improve the organization of their business.

Workday provides interactive demos for common questions about how to use the product of their website. They also offer multiple types of custom training for employees of companies to maximize their use of the product. They have distance and self-paced training as well as group training. They provide a detailed list of their training on their website.

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