Wix began its operations in 2006 as a website building online resource. Within three years, one million users were using this site. Today, just over a decade since its inception, the Wix site has more than 150 million users. It continues to evolve and expand, making use of technology to help users establish a professional and stunning web presence. In addition to being a great tool for businesses, individuals can also benefit from using Wix to create professional resumes.

Wix offers job seekers hundreds of templates to choose from that express their personality and share clear messages to recruiters. Creating a resume on Wix is simple through the following steps: –

  • Select a resume template for a personal website
  • Upload a professional image
  • Fill in the various sections to highlight skills, education, and experience
  • Get automatic assistance for SEO optimization
  • Ensure resume website is mobile-friendly
  • Publish

Wix allows for flexibility, especially when updating new qualifications and skills with ease. It also allows for potential employers to access resumes with ease online when they carry out a name search. The site also allows for tracking to determine how many people have done a perusal of the site, as well as their locations.

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