Winston and Strawn LLP

Winston and Strawn is a corporate and litigation law firm that works in the United States and abroad. They use creative solutions to help businesses manage their Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, otherwise known as E.B.E.C. The firm represents a range of companies, from small burgeoning startups to large corporate firms.

Winston and Strawn’s team of lawyers specialize in several complex areas, including wage, hour compliance, and litigation. They preemptively conduct regular compliance audits, as well as provide onsite and online preventative programs to minimize risk. If there is an issue or class-action lawsuit, they aim to defeat them at the certification stage rather than letting it go to court. If it does go to court, their experienced trial lawyers will defend your case. They also provide onsite or online training for a company’s in-house counsel and human resources team to empower them with the knowledge they need to keep things running smoothly and prevent unnecessary compliance issues.

The firm also includes counseling for employee benefits and executive compensation. Their lawyers design the most cost-effective solutions for their clients and assist with coordination between the company and healthcare providers to ensure clients get the best terms. They also offer alternative funding options for benefits programs such as V.E.B.A.’s, captive insurance, and 401 (h) accounts. Additionally, they ensure that companies remain compliant with E.R.I.S.A., the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A.), the Internal Revenue Code (Code), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other related compliance laws and policies. They also help establish onsite employee clinics, population health activities, wellness, privacy, prevention and disease management programs, and telehealth services to fit the individual needs of a company.

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