Winstead is a multidisciplinary law firm that services small growing businesses and large corporations. Their approach is to work with clients in-house to provide efficient service and to develop a relationship with their customers. Maintaining flexibility with their clients is tantamount to their service, and they offer alternative fee arrangements and frequently use risk-sharing. They customize plans and advice towards a company’s unique structure and culture.

The law firm uses its multidisciplinary approach to save their clients money and address legislation relating to all forms of compliance disagreements and penalties. Winstead has particular experience with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor Audits. The firm will intervene on your behalf to address misclassification claims and other penalties from the IRS, which saves millions of dollars for their clients.

Winstead also specializes in compensation and benefits and helps clients choose the best solutions for their individual needs. They ensure that companies are not only in compliance with the laws related to these areas but that they receive specific health and benefits plans that reflect their company and culture. Winstead assists various company types such as publicly held companies, private employers, and governmental and tax-exempt entities to find the best plans and streamline their business with minimal effort on their part.

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