WayUp Overview

WayUp is a platform that matches the appropriate employers and students looking for internships. They focus on assisting and supporting both sides to create a productive partnership between interns and employers.

WayUp supports candidates by providing them with tips and tools to help them land an internship position, maintain a positive and productive relationship with their employers, and network to apply for more job opportunities in the future. Its website consists of a series of guides that detail the potential industries that are applicable for your major, the expectations and responsibilities for different jobs, as well as the best locations for individual sectors. 

To start, it has a quick application process to apply to multiple companies at once. It even gives tips to bolster an intern’s application, such as cover letters and resume tips. During the interview process it provides lists of potential questions that an employer might ask at different points of the interview, and questions an intern should ask the employer. After an interview, WayUp will even give you feedback to help improve your speaking and interviewing skills. While you are in your internship, they provide guides on making a good first impression, fitting into the company culture, and becoming a confident public speaker.

For employers, WayUp provides tools for recruitment and strategies for getting the best candidates for a position. WayUp assists with sourcing for candidates by posting jobs in their database, marketing a company’s brand, and finding recruiting partners within campuses all over the country. They guarantee that their database contains a diverse pool of active and passive candidates. WayUp searches for candidates through targeted criteria that employers provide such as major, location, gender, and ethnicity. 

It boasts that employers will receive relevant applicants within twenty-four hours, and it also has the opportunity to message interested applicants for its company. Its early recruiting specialists will also conduct a first round of targeted interview questions that reflect the needs of a company. During the recruitment process, the tool provides actionable analytics that companies can use to improve their intern’s experience throughout the internship process.

WayUp Features

Implementing WayUp for your organizational needs is crucial, especially if you are always looking for interns to fill your available positions. The most exciting feature about this tool is that it also assists in sourcing part-time workers and entry-level employees. 

WayUp is easy to use and customizable to suit any company size. As a result, it has successfully helped many organizations recruit the best candidates, including some fortune 500 companies. To give you a better insight into what WayUp is all about, take a look at its features below.

  • Communication scheduling
  • Interview management
  • Reporting and analytics tools
  • Branding
  • Digital screening
  • Concierge sourcing
  • Mobile device screening
  • Referrals

At some point, every employer will want to hire a part-time or an entry-level employee. Therefore, do not hesitate to consider WayUp, whether you have a small business or a large enterprise.

Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact WayUp for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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