Veritable Screening is a comprehensive background check service provider that offers fast and reliable screening services to employers, property managers, and other organizations looking to make informed decisions about individuals they intend to hire, admit, or engage with.

The company prides itself on providing thorough and accurate reports that help clients minimize risk and protect their interests. Its team of experienced and trained professionals uses cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to perform background checks that comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Veritable Screening’s services include criminal history checks, employment verifications, education verifications, reference checks, credit history checks, and drug testing. Clients can choose from a range of packages tailored to their specific needs and budget, or they can request custom solutions to suit their unique requirements.

The company’s website is easy to navigate and user-friendly, making it simple for clients to place orders and receive results. Veritable Screening also offers a mobile app that enables clients to track the progress of their requests and receive real-time updates.

One of the key features that sets Veritable Screening apart from its competitors is its proprietary technology, VeriCheck. This platform streamlines the background check process and ensures accuracy and consistency across all reports. It also enables clients to access their reports securely online, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing privacy protection.

Veritable Screening is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Its customer service team is available around the clock to answer questions and address concerns, and the company guarantees a fast turnaround time for all requests. Clients can also access a wealth of resources and educational materials on the company’s website to help them understand the background check process and stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments.

Overall, Veritable Screening is an excellent choice for organizations seeking reliable and comprehensive background check services. Its commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes it a trusted partner for businesses and institutions across a wide range of industries.

Quick Facts
  • Background Checks
  • 11-50 employees
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