US Tax Help is a site that offers help to individuals and businesses across the US. It is run and managed by Theodore Kleinman, who is a Certified Public Accountant who has more than 30 years of experience in diverse businesses. He specializes in international taxation preparation and planning.

He understands that both individuals and companies require help handling taxes due to complexities and intricacies. This requires planning, rather than resorting to acting at the last minute. With the help of Mr. Kleinman, clients can get assistance with their tax planning and preparation, auditing, and management advisory services. This cuts across all industries and includes local as well as international needs.

Working with US Tax Help allows companies to pay less in taxes and experience less stress when interacting with the tax authorities. Furthermore, he has the experience to ensure taxes paid across states comply with all the relevant rules.  All the information is kept confidential, and the level of service is always high. Interactions can be done face to face but can also be conveniently carried out through online interactions.

Individuals or companies seeking information on basic tax filing can go through the resource on the US Tax Help site that is available through the blog.

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