United Healthcare (UHC) is a public company that works towards helping people live healthier lives. It is a part of the larger United Health Group Family of businesses. This is possible through ensuring that everyone can benefit from the health system by making the entire experience of navigating insurance simple. By offering these services, the health needs of customers can be met with ease and relationships with care providers remain strong and trusted.

Customers benefit from the simple services from UHC as it makes use of breakthrough treatments, advanced data and technologies as well as offering customers choices. The UHC is able to connect more than 1.3 million physicians and care professionals through a network of at least 6,200 hospital and care facilities. These are located all around the globe, delivering high quality care to meet the needs of both individuals and communities. The solutions from UHC are highly comprehensive and customizable making it possible for easy application anywhere in the world.

There are plans available for employers and brokers. Some of the insurance plans and products available through UHC include: –

  • Medicare plans
  • Small business plans
  • Individual and family plans
  • Dental plans
  • Medicaid plans
  • Short term health insurance and more.
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