Turbotax is an Intuit personal tax assist tool that includes multiple plans depending on an individual’s needs. By making an account with Turbotax, a taxpayer also gains access to other Inuit applications such as Mint and Quickbooks with the same user ID and password. The Intuit applications all connect, which ensures that all of your information updates across the three platforms.

The price point starts with a free version, and the plans go up in price depending on the potential complications or additional services that a person needs, such as maximum deductions, investment and rental property, and the combination of personal and business needs for those who are self-employed. A person can determine whether they need a higher level plan by choosing from a set of criteria that considers the personal needs of each individual.

The Turbotax platform is intuitive and asks fundamental questions from a taxpayer to determine how they need to file their taxes. Each of these plans is online, but they all include the option to upgrade and add live support with a CPA Manager. The free option helps people fill out basic tax returns that they can then give to the payroll in their place of work. The Deluxe version looks for ways to maximize the deductions and credits that a person can receive. The Premier version has the added advantage of combining income with investments and rental property. Lastly, the Self Employed version combines personal taxes with a separate business.

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