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Triton Benefits and H.R. Solutions is an agency that provides services and tools to manage boutique companies as well as substantial corporations. Triton’s agents work with companies to help determine their needs, work within their budget, and pick a plan for H.R. sourcing, employee benefits, payroll, and P.E.O. Services.

Triton offers programs to help you manage inhouse H.R. teams as well as outsourcing options. Their recruitment services develop a unique strategy specific to their client. A company can outsource to Triton or ask for H.R. training for short term projects or long term assistance for recruitment and retention assistance; these services range from in-house support to distance services. Triton also offers full H.R outsourcing services through its P.E.O., H.R. subdivision 7 Star, to manage employees from candidate recruitment to employee retention.

Triton analyzes a company’s in-house H.R needs and prepares a cost-effective proposal for a payroll strategy and benefits plans which they integrate into one convenient location. For benefits, it provides licensed insurance brokers and benefits administration services, including COBRA. They offer compliance services with A.C.A. benefits regulations, including remittance and reconciliation services, and plan out the long-term renewal of benefits. For employees, Triton offers fully insured, self and partially self-funded plans, and H.S.A. or H.R.A., level-funded plans. There are specific options for dental, vision, life and disability plans as well as flexible spending accounts and 401 (k) plans. For convenience, they use modern wellness technology and applications such as Telehealth to assist employees with the organization of their medical benefits, and needs.

To determine what a company requires for payroll, they analyze a company’s needs for free. Once they set a payroll strategy, they continuously train an organization’s H.R. team to maximize productivity. They continue to provide this support with a dedicated team for software development and a company’s needs.

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