Topia is a cloud-based global online platform for global corporations with offices around the world. Their Topia One platform enhances the mobility of any worldwide operation and maximizes efficiency by funneling all information into a central location.

Within Topia One, there are a few platforms to help companies that have mobile employees that travel frequently. Topia Plan helps companies consider moving employees to a specific location or trying to determine the most cost-effective way to fill a position. The system plays out limitless scenarios to predict the potential costs of making changes in different offices and areas. Topia Manage also ensures that a move will not disrupt the day to day operations and updates essential tasks, and exception requests automatically to the H.R dashboard. Topia Manage also streamlines the workflow by automating repetitive applications to maximize productivity.

Similarly, Topia Pay automates payroll processes within the same system regardless of a location switch; it also includes add ons for a company’s individual needs. Topia Monaeo works across the platform to maintain compliance with local ordinances, immigration laws, and taxes. It monitors for any potential complications and automatically updates if there are any changes. It also analyzes taxes in different locations to help you get the maximum return on your taxes and avoid errors.

Topia Go is the last facet of Topia One and directly impacts mobile employees. This platform assists employees as they transition to new locations to maximize their productivity and help them adjust to their unique situation. Each employee has an interactive dashboard for Topia Go, which assists with their move and contains details about their new location. The panel includes maps, city guides by fellow ex-pats, and live data sources to help new arrivals understand the city. It includes critical details about the move, such as budget, a moving timeline, and items that employees need to take action on right away. It notifies employees when they have completed items on their digital checklist before, during, and after the move, all while ensuring they stay within the budget and stay on schedule. The employers also receive real-time alerts from Topia during this process to ensure the health and safety of their employees when global situations arise and respond in real-time.

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