Social Security

The federal government of the United States administers Social Security to retired and disabled individuals. The dependents of dead members are also eligible for the benefits if they are listed as beneficiaries. Social Security works by providing these individuals with a source of income through trust fund paid taxes.

Having a Social Security program for you and your dependents is essential. You not only look out for your future but also your spouse and children. Not everyone qualifies for this program. You must provide a Social Security number, which you can only get if holding a work position. With this number, the federal government can now list you as a beneficiary.

The program comes in different packages depending on the number of years you have been working. Each year, you earn credits for eligibility. Simply put, the more years you work, you gain more credits.

Do not worry about the information you provide. This program secures your data and finances. It also teaches you how you can protect your Social Security number so that no one else can access it. Live a stress-free life and enroll in the Social Security program.

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