SnapHire Overview

SnapHire is a recruitment and hiring platform that provides companies with solutions for the fast-paced and competitive business world. They provide you with several different tools and intuitive applications that configure to the needs of growing companies.

Snaphire’s platform leads companies through a few steps to streamline the recruiting and hiring process. The first focuses on communication with the right talent communities. Their application assists with active sourcing and networking on social media and uses analytics to recommend social media channels, which are producing the best results for your organization.

The next step focuses on engagement to make communication exciting and convenient for anyone who wishes to join its talent community. They assist with website design and configure their applications to all devices to ensure that there are no barriers between a company and a potential applicant.

Once there are successful conversions from the social media campaigns, Snaphire provides Recruiters and Hiring Manager tools to track applicants in an intuitive database that parses through resumes and assists in email-based approvals.

Once a company hires an applicant, Snaphire assists with onboarding and retention. Their application sends necessary paperwork through the app before the first day of employment. It addresses crucial orientation documents and reminders to H.R as well as the new employee to ensure there is no confusion and that everything is running smoothly.

After the onboarding process, organizations can even upgrade their H.R technology seamlessly with Snaphire’s integration tools, so they never get pigeonholed into outdated technology or continuously transfer new information.

For best practices, they include a thorough analytics database that tracks applicant’s success rate, hiring practices and the company’s media performance. Companies can download these statistics in a multitude of convenient formats that help a company work quickly and efficiently with actionable statistics.

SnapHire Features

SnapHire features many functions other than recruiting the best talent for open organizational positions. The tool is the best bet for employers looking to hire long-term workers. It’s a no-brainer that the first thing employers consider in an applicant tracking system is safety. SnapHire guarantees your company’s data security against hackers.

This tool is known to have responsive and reliable customer support, so rest assured of exceptional experience. Give it a try by signing up, and you will have a pool of applicants at your disposal. Other features of SmartRecruiters are;

  • Onboarding and retention
  • Source and attract candidates
  • HR technology integration
  • Analysis tools
  • Job posting
  • Resume storage
  • Candidate tracking tools
  • Interview scheduling
  • Self-service portal
  • Background check


Quick Facts
  • IT
  • Contact SnapHire for current pricing
  • 1-50 Employees
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