SmartRecruiters Overview

SmartRecruiters is a cohesive global system that assists recruiters throughout the hiring cycle. They provide holistic services for keeping track of applicants, business goals, and marketing strategies.

SmartRecruiters provides human resources with multiple ways to plan, collaborate, and track their applicants from start to finish. To get started, they provide drag and drop tools for the recruitment team to configure workflow charts and plan steps for tasks. During the process, they provide applicant tracking and continue to update active and passive candidates with augmentation tools. At the same time, their global compliance audit database and checker save precious recruitment time by comparing legal hiring qualifications of over one hundred countries.

SmartRecruiters provides marketing assistance that optimizes visibility to the right talent communities. They use extensive marketing campaigns, custom career pages, and one-click apply for existing social media contracts. Through their campaigns, companies can maximize visibility and conversions through emails, employee testimonials, and customized campaigns. Part of their marketing strategy is keeping targeted talent communities engaged through mainstream tasks with attractive dashboard displays that enhance productivity. Furthermore, they keep in communication with active and passive candidates through social media.

After finding new hires, Smart Recruiter boasts about its powerful analytics system that connects new employees to broader business goals. Recruitment teams can use these analytics to improve their hiring practices.

Features of SmartRecruiters Software

SmartRecruiters application tracking system has a modern-design platform to improve user experiences. It helps in improving organizational performance by offloading most of the HR duties, letting them focus on other internal matters. It is now easier for users to find the right candidate for their open positions. 

SmartRecruiters software is customizable and fits right into your hiring needs. Whether you are a small or large business owner, this tool delivers the best service within your budget. The features included in this tool are beyond attracting and retaining quality talent. It also features the following:

  • Mobile hiring tool
  • Onboarding
  • Applicant tracking progress tools
  • Employee referral platform
  • Interview management
  • Social media synchronization
  • Consistent branding
  • Job applicant sharing features
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Background check
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
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  • 201-500 employees
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