Skillmeter is a cloud-based assessment software that helps businesses to evaluate and measure the skills of their candidates or employees. It provides an effective way to assess and identify the strengths and weaknesses of candidates or employees, and ensure that they are the right fit for the organization.

Skillmeter is easy to use and provides a simple and intuitive user interface. It offers a range of pre-built tests across different industries and job roles, as well as the ability to create custom tests to suit specific needs. These tests are designed to measure a variety of skills, including technical skills, language proficiency, communication skills, problem-solving ability, and more.

Skillmeter provides a range of features that make it easy to manage the assessment process. The platform enables businesses to invite candidates to take tests via email, and the tests can be completed online, on any device. Skillmeter provides detailed reports that enable businesses to compare the results of different candidates, and identify areas where training or improvement is required.

Skillmeter also offers features that enable businesses to automate the assessment process. For example, businesses can set up automatic grading for multiple-choice questions, and they can also use Skillmeter’s API to integrate the platform with their existing HR systems.

Skillmeter is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It can be used by HR managers, recruiters, and hiring managers to assess the skills of candidates during the recruitment process, or by managers and team leaders to evaluate the skills of their employees and identify areas where they need training or development.

Overall, Skillmeter is an effective and efficient tool for assessing the skills of candidates or employees. With its easy-to-use interface, range of pre-built tests, and customizable features, it provides a reliable way to measure the skills that are critical for success in a wide range of industries and job roles.

Quick Facts
  • Online Skills Testing
  • 2-10 employees
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