Silicon Valley Compensation Association

Compensation professionals have come together to share their expertise and services through the Silicon Valley Compensation Association. This organization unites these professionals who have expertise in human resource management, direct and indirect compensation management. Knowledge expansion is a primary goal of the association, particularly in understanding legislation and practices, salaries, employee benefits, employee remuneration, incentives, and more.

Information is shared through periodic meetings, educational programs, and communications between the members of the association. There are three main categories for membership, and these are company members, individual members, and sponsors. Members can access a host of resources including past presentations covering various topics, white papers, and useful links. With more than 500 members from at least 150 Silicon Valley organizations, the breadth and knowledge of information available are rich and impactful.

Individuals who have qualifications in matters to do with compensation can use the SVCA website to seek career growth opportunities. It is possible to fill in a form with some basic information identifying where you want to work, and what job you would like to do. Companies can put up their job opportunities to ensure that they tap into the right resource with professional and qualified individuals.

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