Shyft is a full-service relocation tool employers, and employees can use to assist in a move, and the best part is it’s free. When a person gets a job in a new city, they can use this free service to guide clients through the entire process, saving them valuable time and helping them quickly adjust to their new location.

To get started, register for a visual consultation with an expert moving coach to address your moving goals. The expert moving coach will personalize the move for your needs and help you each step of the way. To make an itemized list of what you would like to move, you can quickly scan the items you are moving on a video call in sixty minutes or less. Shyft not only moves things in your apartment, but they will also arrange movers for your car and pets. The move coach will then negotiate with third-party partners on your behalf to get quotes, so you don’t need to speak to multiple people. Shyft doesn’t stop at the move; they recognize that people need help settling into their new community; therefore, they help you find a roommate, gym, bank, public transportation, and even cultural training. Using their worldwide tracking software, they keep their clients updated about changes in their move and related events in their new location.

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