Sapling is an interactive remote H.R tool that automates processes for companies to maximize day to day efficiency and streamline the onboarding process. Whether your company is getting started or you have multiple locations, this application can simplify your workflow, improve user experience, and the H.R process for your company.

Sapling’s interactive dashboard keeps everything in one location and automatically updates employees’ information even if they move to a different department or area. It also integrates easily with other H.R tools, which helps simplify the onboarding process and ensures that employees can quickly adjust to their new surroundings to begin their work. The auto-assigned repetitive workflows that the system uses across their platform means they don’t have to adapt to a new system while they are learning new skills and procedures. This flexibility allows employees to learn valuable new skills, which will help with employee retention and successful promotions.

For management, the platform makes it easier to delegate and keep track of assignments to ensure that employees don’t miss any projects. The interactive dashboard allows them to track recruits by the amount of time they have been with the company, as well as track the progress of all assignments with checklists. For a customized experience, managers can even use different workflows for different teams and locations. It also sends reminders to employees about your brand and values to ease them into the company culture and updates managers and employees about significant team milestones to motivate and encourage company members.

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