Relotalent is a global relocation tool for both private companies and service providers. Their services support H.R teams and employees throughout the moving cycle in one streamlined relocation management platform. Using their secure website, companies can manage employee information, payroll, compliance, tracking, and cost projections all in one place.

For companies and their employees, the relocation management tool manages all aspects of the employees’ move, and their vendor management tool gives employers access to helpful Relotalent partners. Before the move, companies can use the cost projection tool and its global mobility calculators to manage their budget and compare prices in different locations; these calculators include the cost of living allowance, cost projection, per diem, housing, and salary. They can use analytics tools to see how their business is performing in different locations as well as the success of their employees. While the employees are in a new position, the tracking tools help easily plan for crisis reactions if and when they arise for employees, in whichever country they may be. The compliance tools on the dashboard ensure that the business remains compliant with their employees’ benefits, hours, and wages; they even provide resources and step-by-step solutions for the European Union’s Posted Worker Directives. The platform utilizes posted worker notifications, informs employers of employee rights, organizes liaison appointments, and ensures document retention. Their system also streamlines the onboarding experience with their mobile app and assistance from their communications providers.

For service providers, the services Relotalent offers differ slightly. Their platform gears towards clients of service providers or consultants. Using the interactive dashboard, they can automate workflows and easily share information with consultants. They can also use the platform to assist clients with destination services that include a digital home search experience before the clients arrive at the predetermined location. Using the expenses management system, they can automate recurring payments, track time logs, and payables. The immigration tools help vendors ensure they are following up-to-date policies and laws regarding immigration through alerts, tasks, and document sharing. Lastly, the tax tool application helps manage steps to track compliance data and project progress.

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