Reflektive is a cloud-based platform that offers a suite of performance management tools designed to improve employee feedback. It helps organizations enhance employee engagement and retention by providing continuous, real-time feedback to employees, enabling them to develop their skills and grow their careers. The platform focuses on aligning employee goals with company objectives, improving employee-manager relationships, and fostering a culture of continuous feedback and improvement.

One of the most important features of Reflektive is its ability to facilitate frequent, timely, and targeted feedback. Employees can receive feedback from multiple sources, including managers, peers, and clients, making it a comprehensive tool for gathering insights on employee performance. This feedback is delivered in real-time, so employees can take immediate action to improve their performance. Reflektive also allows employees to track their progress over time, making it easier to identify areas of improvement and set new goals.

The platform enables managers to give feedback to employees on a regular basis, without having to wait for formal performance reviews. This enables managers to provide feedback that is more timely and targeted, which is essential for employees to grow and develop. The platform also allows managers to track employee progress and performance, so they can identify areas where employees are excelling and where they need additional support. This helps managers to provide personalized coaching and development opportunities to their employees, leading to better engagement and retention rates.

Reflektive also offers a feature that enables employees to give feedback to their managers, which can improve the employee-manager relationship. By allowing employees to share their thoughts and opinions with their managers, the platform encourages open communication and trust. This can lead to a more positive work environment, where employees feel valued and heard. Furthermore, it helps managers to identify areas where they need to improve, so they can become better leaders and provide better support to their team members.

Another feature of Reflektive is its goal setting and tracking capabilities. Employees can set goals that align with company objectives, and managers can provide feedback and support to help them achieve those goals. The platform also allows employees to track their progress towards their goals, so they can see how they are progressing and adjust their approach if necessary. This helps employees stay motivated and engaged, as they have a clear understanding of what they need to achieve and how they are progressing towards those goals.

In summary, Reflektive is a comprehensive performance management platform that is designed to improve employee feedback. Its real-time feedback, goal setting and tracking, and employee-manager feedback features help organizations to create a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are engaged, motivated, and supported in their professional development. Reflektive’s tools are easy to use, and its data-driven insights can help organizations identify areas for improvement and develop effective strategies to address them. Ultimately, Reflektive can help organizations improve employee retention, increase productivity, and drive business success.

Quick Facts
  • Employee Productivity & Engagement
  • 51-200 employees
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