RefApp is a reference checking application that gives employers more control over the reference process. Rather than reading a heavily edited letter, employers can ask questions that matter to them while saving time and cutting down potential bias in the interview process.

Employers can start the process of creating interview questions by using the pre-made templates on the site. Once the employers complete the items, they can send them to various references who can answer on cell phones, tablets, and computers, which makes it more convenient for them and increases the likelihood that they will respond. Generally, the response time is twenty-four hours, or more and employers need to chase after references; however, with this tool, they have found that their method cuts the response time by half. Their mechanical question approach also reduces subjectivity and bias, which gives employers a more accurate picture of the potential hire. This method can also prevent discrimination and prejudice during an interview where recruiters might unknowingly use more subjective methods. Recruiters can instead compare the number of references for each applicant and review all the comments made about them in one location simplifying their decision; the more positive references an applicant receives, the more likely the employer is to hire them.

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