Recruiterbox is an intuitive and innovative applicant recruiting and tracking system designed to streamline the recruitment process. The customizable system optimizes the recruitment process to get the most qualified candidates as quickly as possible.


The general Applicant Tracking System maintains features related to candidate profile management, including searching, interviewing, hiring, or rejecting. The recruitment hub includes recruitment workflows to streamline the work process, delegate hiring tasks to employees, and communication tools to track comments from different employees on applicants at different stages in the hiring process. It also integrates well with many of the most popular business management software to help with onboarding once they accept an applicant.

The search process includes a one-post applicant search that automatically distributes job postings to targeted job engine websites that will contain relevant applicants as well as areas of social media websites that contain related talent communities. Their resume management tool scans resumes for key-words to maximize the search for candidates that reflect the needs of your organization, and your values and recruiters can even upload the resumes they receive through email. The hub also streamlines the interview process by integrating interviews into all employee calendars involved in the interview process to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts; the candidate receives an email, and once they accept it automatically syncs. Many of these processes have automatic means, such as recruitment workflows, and standardized email responses.

To optimize the recruitment process, the company utilizes analytics to determine the effectiveness and timeliness of the current process. The reports examine the best places to post job openings based on where the most qualified candidates are and if they need to re-word their resume search and job post. They further examine how long it takes a hiring manager to fill in a job position and if there are ways that the hiring workflow can improve. The portal also ensures that the company’s hiring practices comply with the EEOC (Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission) through questionnaires that upload onto a spreadsheet that meets the guidelines of federal reporting requirements.

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