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RealSoft Technologies Overview

RealSoft Technologies LLC was founded in 2000 as a Software Development and Design company. They have continued to evolve and are now a leading software consulting and recruiting company. Companies that are searching for professional staff can gain access to a pool of qualified individuals through the RealSoft Technologies resources. The company strives to offer knowledge and experience on the very best-in-class technology solutions. All businesses can benefit from the competitive rates that the company has to offer, as the rates are skewed towards the requirements and size of the company.

There is a Contract Consulting Services division that offers a range of services in technical disciplines including database administration, Unix and NT system administration, and enterprise resource planning. These services work towards enhancing organizational performance,

Clients of RealSoft Technologies include Fortune 500 clients that cut across a range of industries including banking, insurance, financial institutions, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. These companies have been able to outsource or subcontract technological staff to meet their specific needs. This ensures that production is more cost-effective and that the available resources are more efficient. This allows companies to focus on their core business, manage costs, and improve their knowledge and capacity.

RealSoft Technologies Features

The services of RealSoft Technologies range from software development and outsourcing to consulting. This tool is customizable, meaning that any business, regardless of size, can enjoy the benefits. Rest assured that this tool will bring the change you have been seeking in your organization, leading to improved employee performance and productivity.

The success of Realsoft Technologies has attracted world-renowned companies, including the Fortune 500. Let your IT needs be handled by one of the best partners in the business. That being said, take a look at other features of RealSoft Technologies.

  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Document Management
  • Employer Branding
  • Communication Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Database Administration
Quick Facts
  • Information Technology & Services
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  • 51-200 employees
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