Quickbooks Time is a time tracking and management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to easily track employee time, manage payroll, and generate invoices for clients.

One of the main features of Quickbooks Time is its ability to track employee time. Employees can clock in and out using a computer or mobile device, and all of this information is automatically recorded in the system. This eliminates the need for manual time sheets and helps ensure accuracy in payroll calculations.

In addition to tracking employee time, Quickbooks Time also allows businesses to manage their payroll. It calculates employee pay based on their hours worked and any overtime or other pay adjustments. Businesses can then use this information to generate paychecks or direct deposit payments for their employees.

Quickbooks Time also includes invoicing features that allow businesses to create and send professional invoices to their clients. These invoices can be customized with the business’s branding and include details about the work completed, the amount due, and payment terms.

Overall, Quickbooks Time is a powerful tool that helps businesses save time and reduce the hassle of tracking employee time and managing payroll. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features make it a popular choice for businesses looking to streamline their time management processes.

Quick Facts
  • Payroll
  • 10,001+ employees
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