Pymetrics Overview

Pymetrics is an analytics recruitment tool that uses AI technology based on behavioral science to create a more diverse and efficient workforce. Its innovative approach focuses on both talent acquisition and talent management.

Pymetrics prides itself on its core values related to talent acquisition, such as its ethics and fairness, customizable assessments, and engaging experiences to engage candidates. The system focuses on integrity, meaning that it ignores antiquated resumes that focus on schooling, opportunity, gender, and ethnicity. In addition, its behavioral research ensures that there is no bias in the process and that the candidate is only considered based on the skills they possess for the specific job the recruiters need to fill. 

The recruiters are also encouraged not to reject applicants but redirect them to another position in their company that might be more appropriate. Its assessments focus on several metrics: attention, effort, fairness, decision making, emotion, focus, generosity, learning, and risk tolerance. The tool test these skills through various games that engage potential candidates and make the hiring process more efficient and enjoyable. Its video interview portal develops tailored questions that build off the original assessment and help them add to the candidate profile.

Regarding talent management, Pymetrics uses its assessment tools to manage current employees and maximize a company’s current potential without spending more money and time recruiting. Pymetrics prioritizes promoting existing employees to higher-level positions and focuses on organic growth within the company, resulting in better retention and performance. Employers can also use these analytics to understand the roles they need to fill within their company, give directed employee professional development to help them upskill, and make predictions about their company’s direction and efficiency.

Pymetrics Features

Simplify your recruitment process with the Pymetrics tool. Not only will you be matched with the right candidate based on skills and behavior, but you will also be able to screen them and be sure that they are the right fit for your open position. Pymetrics’ artificial intelligence auditing tools help HR managers eliminate discrimination and biased performance analysis to find the best performer for their vacant positions.

The features of this software ranges from customizable functions to professional development. It prides itself on offering expert support so that you can find the right talent within a short period. Its effectiveness has brought about employee retention for company’s that uses it, which saves you money for frequent hiring. Other Pymetrics features include:

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Employee Assessment Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Communication Management
  • Gamification
  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Employer Branding
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
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  • 51-200 employees
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