PowerDMS is an innovative compliance software tool that is changing the way companies have traditionally handled compliance documents. Rather than using messy and confusing papers, the software condenses and tracks reports digitally to keep up with the ever-changing local and federal rules, regulations, and policies.

PowerDMS software assists with drafting, revising, distributing, and tracking compliance policies within a company. The software integrates well with Microsoft and Adobe, and companies can conveniently edit in the application of their choosing. Teams can collaborate on drafting and approving policies together and ensure everything is correct. The software also includes a document control function that tracks revisions to increase employee accountability and show side-by-side highlighted changes between different versions; employers can track when an employee received, saw, and signed the policy.

PowerDMS also includes training, workflows, and review cycles to empower employees to handle compliance policies and ensure that policies are up to date. The initial training includes adaptable PowerPoints that employees can learn remotely on their own time and customizable retention quizzes that assess employee performance. Employers can even make customizable certificates or rewards for specific training to improve employee morale. For extra assistance after training, the software includes review cycles, alerts, and notifications to update employees about upcoming audits, reviews, and deadlines to minimize the risk of becoming non-compliant. Using the search and annotation tools, companies can effectively track old and current documents to check their policies if there is a legal concern or they need a specific version.

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