Polly is a platform designed to facilitate communication and engagement among hybrid teams. As more and more companies adopt hybrid work models, where some employees work remotely and others work in the office, tools like Polly are becoming increasingly important. The platform helps to ensure that all team members are connected and engaged, regardless of their location.

Polly achieves this by providing a variety of features that are designed to make communication more effective and engaging. One of the key features of the platform is its ability to create and manage polls. Team members can use polls to quickly gather feedback and opinions from their colleagues. This can be particularly useful for remote team members, who may feel isolated and disconnected from the rest of the team. With Polly, they can participate in polls and feel like they are part of the decision-making process.

Another important feature of Polly is its ability to integrate with other communication platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. This allows team members to access Polly’s features without having to leave the platform they are already using. Polly’s integration with these platforms also means that notifications and alerts can be delivered directly to team members, ensuring that they never miss an important message or poll.

Polly also offers a range of analytics tools that allow team leaders to track engagement and participation across their team. This can be useful for identifying areas where communication may be lacking or where team members may be disengaged. By tracking engagement metrics, team leaders can take steps to improve communication and ensure that all team members are fully engaged and involved in the work.

Overall, Polly is a powerful platform for facilitating communication and engagement among hybrid teams. Its easy-to-use interface, integration with popular communication platforms, and powerful analytics tools make it an essential tool for any team looking to improve their communication and collaboration. With Polly, remote team members can feel like they are part of the team, and all team members can work together more effectively, regardless of their location.

Quick Facts
  • Engagement Platform for Hybrid Teams
  • 11-50 employees
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