PolicyHub is a subsidiary of MitraTech and is a compliance software system that improves efficiency and builds an ethical and defensible compliance program should any legal issues arise. Their intuitive system uses an automated workflow, which ranges from knowledge assessment to publishing.


PolicyHub’s intuitive platform ensures that most employees (H.R administrators train for a day) can use the program without time-consuming and expensive training. The point-and-click system and clear-cut menu make it easy for H.R employees to organize data about compliance without coding or scripting. The easy setup also means that companies can begin organizing all of their compliance data within as little as thirty to sixty days. Their built-in analytics tools also help H.R make informed decisions about the effectiveness of their workflows and produce accurate reports that reflect their compliance level.

Their system works by streamlining the compliance management process. H.R fills out and disseminates compliance documents by allowing multiple employees to collaborate on compliance data at the same time. Their automation processes cut down on time and also provide consistent notifications for employees. Employers don’t have to chase down employees to fill out their paperwork and ensure employees have the correct benefits they need. The automated processes also generate consistent reports about a company’s compliance with higher-level managers to ensure that they are well informed about the company’s state of compliance. The Policy Hub system defends against any future compliance lawsuits or claims by tracking all audits from beginning to end and using automated audit cycles. These crucial steps ensure that the reputation of the company is protected and the rights of the employees.

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