Policy Manager is a part of the healthcare management system Policy Medical. The system is designed for healthcare professionals to work efficiently, reduce medical errors, and improve patient quality.

The system includes an electronic version of all compliance documents and EMR’s (electronic medical records) that integrate into other management systems and document sharing services. Policy Manager’s document control and search engine have advanced search functions that make it easier to track policies as they develop and access patient records. The workflows they offer, promote collaboration with management to create effective procedures that expedite the approval and publishing process for compliance documents. They also provide automated processes such as document templates for standardized documents and auto circulation through email and alerts to quickly get necessary approvals assuring that medical offices keep up-to-date with new developments in compliance law.

Policy Manager also makes medical centers audit-ready and improves compliance accountability. The supporting materials ensure that the staff understands the compliance requirements through the attached educational videos, documents, and web pages within the policies. Employers can also use customizable reporting to demonstrate their accountability. By following a consistent workflow and using accurate reporting, employers can be confident that staff have been well informed about new compliance policies and will provide the best care for their patients.





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