Pipefy is a business process management platform that helps support workers process requests efficiently, even while receiving overwhelming amounts of mail and messages. Whether it’s H.R, I.T, or Finance, the service the platform contains the right workflow to send requests up the pipeline to the correct office.

Pipefy works by triaging work requests and streamlining the workflow for different business areas. The intuitive system uses a pipe system to focus on specific business areas and uses an electronic card system to make requests. The employees can add requests through a card system to various pipelines that delegate the jobs, set deadlines based on urgency, and allow managers to track the progress of tasks as they progress. The pipeline encourages collaboration, and managers can even comment on the jobs in the pipeline to collaborate with employees as they progress with their tasks.

Pipefy’s automation tools save even more time. Information for repetitive requests that come from emails or messages automatically turns into cards that integrate into the pipeline. The system also includes email templates across various business fields for different business tasks that allow them to respond to employees and customers about their requests saving them time and increasing their ability to multitask quickly. Lastly, the automation tools also help employees address demands rapidly, improving their approval rate with customers and their employees’ satisfaction.

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