Paycor is an HR management system that encompasses all the crucial details about an employee in an organized, simple display. Paycor not only contains basic payroll, tax compliance, and attendance information, but it also includes tools to help recruit and maintain talented staff and helps form a business community within your company.

The recruiting and onboarding systems streamline a new hire’s engagement in the company by simplifying forms and eliminating unnecessary additional training. The new hires can onboard anywhere by using the easy-to-follow instructions and videos, which provides them with flexibility. The onboarding system mainly focuses on the necessary personal information and compliance forms. Still, it also includes tips and applications for employers to introduce the culture and message of the company to create an immersive and positive onboarding experience.

The multitude of benefits and plans that companies and employees can choose is often overwhelming. Paycor simplifies this task by using analytics to assist employers in narrowing the trending benefits employees may prefer, while giving a comparative advantage to ensure that employers get the best price for their expenses and remain in compliance with APA standards. This system also simplifies the process for employees by reducing repetitive questions and laying out their choices in a clear and centralized location.

Paycor also offers a learning management system that provides employees with opportunities to grow and learn within the company. Using the LMS, companies can develop interactive, individualized courses using the course builder and using an instructor within the company. Employees can sharpen their skills, choose relevant paths, and learn when it is convenient.

Paycor’s comprehensive system ensures that new hires and current employees want to remain with the company, saving the company time and money.

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