Human Resource professionals have the responsibility of enforcing the company’s policy, administering payments, among others. Together with other hr functions, these duties can be overwhelming; that’s why tools like Paycom exist. Paycom is an online software assisting organizations in their payroll, onboarding, document storage, and E-verify functions.

Paycom company was founded in 1998 by Chad Richison, who, to date, continues to be the CEO. Paycoms headquarters is in Oklahoma and continues to grow throughout the United States, with up to 4,000 employees. Once an employee enters data through the software during a job application, it automatically syncs their details once hired. The hr doesn’t need to add extra information regarding the employee during their stay in the organization.

While employees have access to their hr data through Paycom, hr managers have the flexibility to concentrate on business productivity strategies. Paycom ensures employees’ payment is made in an accurate, timely, and seamless manner.

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