Founded in 1987, Orion Mobility offers expense management services and relocation management software. This is done from three offices, the headquarters in Danbury, CT, and additional offices in Chicago and China. These services cater to the global mobility industry to ensure the optimal use of time and money. Furthermore, offering a professional service ensures that the overall transferee experience has minimal frustrations.

Orion Mobility (OM) thrives with job applicants who are seeking international opportunities and seeking assistance to transfer to their new jobs. Backed by easy to use technology and expert services, the cost and administrative process of transfer is extensively simplified. This enables companies to better manage the expenses within the recruitment process when they are seeking the best possible staff.

Once the staff is recruited, should they be working in various countries, OM is at hand to help manage their mobility, particularly if the job requires constant movement. This explains how the services from OM are able to augment existing operations or be fully outsourced if required.

Companies that utilize OM are extremely impressed by the reliability and accuracy of the services. For this reason, the working relationships are typically long term and often renewed.

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