The process of employee onboarding can be strenuous and challenging. Sometimes it takes a longer period for a new employee to come to terms with how the organization works. For faster and easier understanding, an employer needs to invest in tools such as Organimi. It simplifies employee onboarding by importing information data, arranging organization charts, and sharing with colleagues. You can also easily make changes and avoid confusion that comes with paperwork.

Organimi was founded in 2013 and its location in Canada. It is an online-based platform that offers a free trial period where you will subscribe should it benefit you. Organimi’s regular rate begins at $120 annually and is available for $360 and $600 annually with additional special features. It also has online training and support services during business hours.

Organimi is helping more than 125,000 companies with their organization’s chart. By offloading organizations work, it helps boost productivity, improve communication, and encourage teamwork.

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