Online Learning Consortium

Online learning can sometimes be boring since you do not get to interact with other learners. OLC is a community that collaborates with innovators and education leaders whose objectives are to improve the digital learning platform. It is a tool that any ordinary modern learner can reach and interact with worldwide. OLC improves learning productivity by making it more exciting and cost-effective.

After its existence in 1992, OLC has over 4,000 learners across the united states and beyond enjoying their programs. Having its headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts, OLC has been one of the advancing e-learning platforms since 1999. OLC’s growing staff has high skills. They are ready to improve digital learning and desire to enhance the quality of information. OLC inspires quality and innovation by hosting conferences and workshop programs to improve their services.

Collaborating members (educational institutions and organizations) assists OLC with ideas to improve the e-learning industry. They value teamwork and strive to improve the quality of e-learning by reaching more individuals worldwide.

Quick Facts
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