Monster Overview

Since 1999, Monster has been in operation as a job posting site. Monster works to fulfill a simple mandate to connect people and job opportunities. The mandate may be simple, though it is carried out meticulously. It is fulfilled through three key strategies. The first is Reach to ensure that the right people get exposure to the vast Monster network of jobs. The second is Connections for job candidates to find the best positions for them through smart search solutions. The third is the Solutions that ensure there are excellent critical insights to help make highly informed decisions when seeking a job. All these strategies are delivered through powerful software that utilizes comprehensive analytics.

The database available on Monster is extensive, allowing recruiters to easily search for the best resumes for their organizations. The services are available around the globe, using innovative technology and professional expertise. Companies that choose to post on the job boards can advertise on their chosen categories to draw more attention to their postings. Using analytics, job postings are more targeted so that the right people can reply. Continuous innovation ensures that Monster can help people daily by fostering trust, integrity, and openness in everything they do.

Monster Features

Monster delivers a robust solution for employee management. Through identifying, managing, onboarding, and advancing your employees, it is easier for you to achieve your business objective. Monster is flexible to suit any organization. Its pricing also varies based on the needs and size of your business. Additionally, the tool is easy to use, but it has an excellent team of professionals to help you along the way in case of any issues. 

This tool features a variety of elements. It integrates with your companies ATS, making sure that you find the right candidate. Some of the features of Monster includes:

  • Candidate tracking
  • Employee management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Job posting
  • Onboarding
  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment management
  • Competency management
  • Performance management
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact Monster for current pricing
  • 1,001-5,000 employees
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