Mesirow Financial is a leading independent financial services firm that is committed to serving its clients passionately. From the time that it was founded in 1937, it has thrived as being a unique employee-owned firm. By offering professional expertise, Mesirow clients benefit from a range of services including risk management, investment, and advisory services. The professionals at this firm work closely in collaboration with their clientele. Through this collaboration, the firm can create tailor-made solutions, and of service to individuals, institutions, and corporates.

Benefits service providers that choose to work with Mesirow Financial can benefit from the following: –

  • Alignment of interests where the focus is totally on the needs of the client.
  • Effective solutions that are proactive and strategic for the fulfillment of objectives.
  • Inspiration to make a difference as all employees have an entrepreneurial mindset and seek to fully realize their client needs.
  • The longevity of experienced teams with industry leaders who have benefited from the eight decades experience from this company.

Mesirow Financial is focused on delivering the right solutions with specialist financial services. All employees work together as a team to ensure that the needs of brokers, carriers, and recordkeepers are fully met.

Quick Facts
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