Merces Consulting Group

Merces Consulting Group, Inc was once called the Management Resource Center. This company has been in operation since 1991 and continues to help managers achieve success. It offers independent consulting services to the managers of different types of organizations. The focus of the consultation is mainly organization design and development and also includes incentive plans and both executive and employee-based compensation. The advice given is useful for developing strategies and programs that will help bring out the most from any human resources investment.

The following services are on offer from the Merces Consulting Group: –

  • Executive Compensation
  • Special Compensation Programs
  • Employee Compensation Administration Programs
  • Survey Management
  • Organization Design and Development

Successful organizations work within a structure that ensures that the right people are given the right jobs with appropriate pay. Merces helps companies maximize their existing offerings to ensure a good return from their human resources. Also, organizations become stronger and more sustainable in the long run. Another avenue that Merces Consulting uses in service delivery is extensive research that focuses on reviews and data collection. These offer insights on industry trends that are often quoted in business magazines or on broadcast media.

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