MeetingPulse is a powerful tool designed to increase employee engagement during meetings and events. It is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations to run interactive and engaging meetings, conferences, and events. The platform offers a variety of features to facilitate real-time interaction, feedback, and participation from attendees.

One of the most notable features of MeetingPulse is its ability to conduct live polls. The polls are a quick and effective way to gather instant feedback from attendees. The polls can be created in minutes and displayed on a big screen, which allows attendees to respond in real-time using their smartphones or tablets. This feature not only allows attendees to share their opinions, but also helps the organizers to gauge the level of engagement and interest of the attendees.

Another feature of MeetingPulse is the interactive Q&A. This feature allows attendees to ask questions during presentations and receive responses from the presenters in real-time. This encourages active participation and helps to keep the attendees engaged throughout the meeting or event.

In addition to live polls and interactive Q&A, MeetingPulse also provides features such as word clouds, surveys, and quizzes. These features are designed to make meetings more interactive and engaging. Word clouds are a fun way to generate a visual representation of the most common responses from the audience. Surveys and quizzes allow organizers to gather more detailed feedback and test the knowledge of the attendees.

MeetingPulse also offers gamification features that encourage attendees to participate more actively. The platform allows organizers to create quizzes, trivia games, and other interactive games to engage attendees and make the meeting or event more enjoyable.

Overall, MeetingPulse is a comprehensive platform that is designed to make meetings more engaging and interactive. Its features are designed to encourage participation and gather instant feedback, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations looking to increase employee engagement during meetings and events. By using MeetingPulse, organizations can ensure that their meetings and events are not only informative but also enjoyable and engaging for all attendees.

Quick Facts
  • Employee Engagement
  • 11-50 employees
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