McGohan Brabender is a firm offering healthcare solutions to businesses that are looking to get the most value for their spend. Founded in 1972, this firm has transformed from being a traditional broker to offering innovative solutions that are relevant to current times. In Ohio, it is the largest independent employee benefits consulting firm representing more than 1,400 employers that have 240,000 members. It has offices in Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. The firm has a team of experts who can design benefit plans, advocate for their members, ensure compliance of all relevant laws, communicate clearly, and offer more.

Sustainability is the foundation of the McGohan Brabender offerings, with plans created with long term results in mind. Through their healthcare plans, they can ensure businesses relate their healthcare ideas to the business and empower their workforces to be healthier. This results in proper control of growing claims costs and brings down the possibility of chronic disease at work.

To ensure there is action that accomplishes lasting success whilst elevating client engagement, this firm takes on the responsibility of handling their client’s healthcare-related issues. This ensures that companies are able to navigate through the intricacies of healthcare simply and effectively.

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