Lighthouse Compliance Solutions

Achieving efficiency and effectiveness may require the outsourcing of various organizational tasks. Lighthouse Compliance Solutions (LCS) works with companies to ensure they have comprehensive and unique solutions to their Affirmative Action Compliance results. LCS helps companies prepare for their compliance evaluations by offering the following: –

  • Legal Review
  • Desk Audit Preparation
  • Compensation Analysis

For ease client planning, all the services from LCS are available at one inclusive fee. Furthermore, the services can easily be replicated across industries.

Additional services offered by LCS include the web-based hiring management system Applicant Harbor. This tool makes it possible for companies to leverage their websites to recruit applicants. Also, applicant data is managed, compliance with EEOC/OFCCP laws and regulations are facilitated and the best talent can become a part of an organization.

LCS offers services that are audit proven with reports that offer legal backing if necessary. Developing this type of program inhouse can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not produce the results required without extensive testing. By choosing to outsource Affirmative Action plans and a Hiring Management System, a company can run more smoothly by focusing on their core offering. LCS ensures companies do not make costly mistakes.

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